ELVIS: Behind The Legend

Startling Truths Revealed About
The King of Rock and Roll

Think you know The King of Rock and Roll?

Think AGAIN!

You know the rebellious singer that started a cultural revolution…

You know the popular actor that starred in over 30 films…

You know the musical legend that sold over 1 billion records…

But do you really know who Elvis Presley was underneath the surface?

It’s time to look at Elvis Presley from the inside out!

ELVIS: Behind The Legend dispels the myths and uncovers surprising facts
about Elvis Presley’s life, loves, films and music

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Book News:

ELVIS: Behind the Legend is part of the library collection at:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives in Cleveland
The Margaret Herrick Library at The Academy of Motion Pictures

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“There is much in ELVIS: Behind The Legend that was new to me, and Young’s interpretations and conclusions are often unique… Young displays an ability to see and communicate what truly motivated Elvis Presley… the respectful distance she maintains from her subject allows her to appraise Elvis through the unbiased eyes of a music historian.”

– Alan Hanson, Author, Elvis ’57: The Final Fifties Tours
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Elvis: Behind the Legend is an easy read with plenty of short chapters loaded with interesting substance and stories not frequently recognized by even the most informed Elvis experts. Young picked some of the least publicized or known stories in the life and career of Elvis to explore deeper and reveal additional information that music fans will find particularly fascinating.”

– Jack Dennis, AXS Entertainment
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“Young does not attempt to re-write Elvis’ biography, but instead focuses on several behind-the-scenes revelations that few know about, even seasoned experts. The stories are sure to alter the reader’s perception of the man behind the title, ‘King of Rock and Roll.'”

– Shelley Germeaux, Examiner.com
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