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Go behind-the-scenes in the two years that changed  The King of Rock and Roll’s life!

ELVIS: THE ARMY YEARS UNCOVERED takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the life of Private Presley, who rose to the rank of Sergeant, with the stories of many women, nightclubs, strippers, death rumors, secret concerts and fan encounters to name a few.

“I’m so happy to finally share the results of my two years of in-depth research about Elvis Presley’s army years. I scoured the globe for new info about the two years Elvis served in the army. Many stories have only come out in the last 15 years and will be new to the majority of fans.” – Trina Young, author

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“The way Trina Young tells the story in easy to understand language from beginning to end and the extensive research that supports it at every step, make Elvis: The Army Years Uncovered the best account to date of Elvis Presley’s life during his years of military service.
Other books may offer greater detail on certain periods of that time, but none covers the full two years with such enthusiasm and accuracy as Trina Young does here. It’s highly recommended for Elvis fans and scholars alike.”

– Alan Hanson, Elvis-History-Blog.com and author, Elvis ’57: The Final Fifties Tours, from his online review found at this link

Trina Young “has an entertaining and colorful writing style… she wrote a knowledgeable and easy to read book… adding new elements and perspectives on these two years. Young stayed away from the ‘what-ifs’ but handed the reader the material to make up his/her own mind.” 

– Kees Mouwen, ElvisDaybyDay.com from his online review found at this link

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Elvis: Behind The Legend

Startling Truths Revealed About The King of Rock and Roll!

ELVIS: BEHIND THE LEGEND dispels the myths and uncovers surprising facts about Elvis Presley’s life, loves, films and music

It’s time to look at Elvis from the inside out.

In this book, author Trina Young explores the inner motivations and desires of the man who would be crowned The King of Rock and Roll, and reveals how Elvis Presley’s success actually conflicted with many of his own personal passions.

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“There is much in ELVIS: Behind The Legend that was new to me, and Young’s interpretations and conclusions are often unique… Young displays an ability to see and communicate what truly motivated Elvis Presley… the respectful distance she maintains from her subject allows her to appraise Elvis through the unbiased eyes of a music historian.” 

– Alan Hanson, Author, Elvis ’57: The Final Fifties Tours

From his online review found at this link:



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Discover the surprising behind-the-scenes relationship between The King of Rock and Roll and The Fab Four!

ELVIS AND THE BEATLES takes a fascinating look back at the year-to-year evolution of the careers of both The King of Rock and Roll and The Fab Four simultaneously while debunking false stereotypes.

The book uncovers how surprisingly similar the careers of Elvis Presley and The Beatles were, and the multitude of ways that their personal and professional lives intersected. The book also examines the complex relationship between the two biggest musical acts and their managers. Much more went on behind the scenes than most people realize.

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Required Fan Reading
This account is well-researched, stylishly written & most informative. The author seems to have grasped the intricate relationships vis-a-vis Elvis & the Beatles and the 5 performers and their respective managers. A must read for any Elvis &/or Beatle fan.

– 5-STAR REVIEW on Barnes & Noble website


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