Linda Thompson recalls her first kiss with Elvis Presley and discusses their 4.5 year relationship

Linda Thompson, a former Miss Tennessee and successful pop songwriter, started dating Elvis Presley in July 1972, when Elvis was in the midst of a divorce with Priscilla. Their relationship ended in December 1976, only 8 months before Elvis died. At the time of their breakup, Presley had been seeing other women and then quickly jumped into a new relationship with Ginger Alden.

In 2019, Linda appeared at an Elvis festival in Las Vegas and was interviewed by Elvis tribute artist, Dean Z. Linda discussed her 4 and 1/2 year relationship with the King of Rock and Roll.  

Below are highlights from the interview. 

In Part 1, Linda talks about the first time she met Elvis at the Memphian theater and what her first kiss with him was like. 


In Part 2, Linda talks about her first year dating Elvis and the nicknames he gave her. 


In Part 3, Linda talks about the differences between Elvis the man and Elvis the performer, and his role as a father. 


In Part 4, Linda shares what Elvis told her was his greatest flaw, how she helped take care of him behind the scenes, how they broke up, and how she heard the news that Elvis had died. 


In Part 5, Linda describes the best gift Elvis gave her.


Linda’s personal memoir called A Little Thing Called Life: From Elvis’s Graceland to Bruce Jenner’s Caitlyn & Songs in Between was released in 2016. Click here for more info


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